Sunday, July 2, 2017

Charging Electronics

Do you have phone chargers scattered across your kitchen counters? Where do you charge your fitness tracker, Laptop, ipad, and the myriad of other devices that have to be charged these days? Below are several of the ways we have hidden away charging devices that allow you to reclaim your counter space.

1.      Put an outlet inside a cabinet. This allows you to plug in chargers while also shutting the door.
2.      Do you have open shelves on the end of your island? Consider putting an outlet in one of those shelves and keeping a basket on the shelf to wrangle electronics.
3.      Install a Docking Drawer inside a drawer. Specifically made to function with opening and closing drawers, this is perfect and an item we are starting to put in most kitchens. It’s also perfect for offices and in bathrooms for hair dryers and electronic razors.

When you are considering adding outlets specifically for charging electronics, consider if you need to use a regular outlet or if you should use a combo usb and outlet device. So many things charge with a usb port these days that that helps maximize the usage of an outlet space. What are your tricks for wrangling electronics? I’d love to hear! Email me at

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