Sunday, July 16, 2017

Rolling Ladders

As ceiling heights in homes grow taller and people are interested in maximizing their storage space, one item that is helpful in accessing storage space near the ceiling is a rolling ladder. We used to only see these in library spaces, but now we are using them in closets, bunk rooms, kitchens, mudrooms and garages. There are many styles and finishes that can be used and they can also make a great aesthetic statement.

Rolling ladders can be made out of any wood species, powder coated aluminum or a myriad of metals. The wood ladders can be stained or painted to match or contrast the surrounding cabinetry and trim work. Often times an aluminum ladder is chosen because it weighs less and is easier to move around if needed. While a rolling ladder is very functional it can also add a really lovely design detail to a space.

Some options for rolling ladders are if you want handrails, do you want it to roll on wheels at the top or do you want it to hook on the rail at the top, allowing you to take it off and move it around, do you want a traditional wheel pattern or a more contemporary wheel pattern.

While adding a rolling ladder is not inexpensive, it sure beats dragging out a stepstool when you need to get to something at the top of your cabinets. Add a rolling ladder to your “To Consider” list. Do you have any ideas for places to use a rolling ladder? Email me at

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