Sunday, July 30, 2017

15 Reasons Your Project May Not Be Completed On Time

One of the most frustrating times for any homeowner is when a project is not completed on time. Now there are plenty of reasons why the fault may lay with the contractor, but today I’m going to share with you some of the reasons that may take it out of their control.

11.    Weather. You may think your contractor can handle anything, but they cannot control the weather.
22.    The faucet came in defective and a new one needs to be sent from the manufacturer.
33.    The humidity levels in the wood flooring won’t acclimate to the house fast enough, drawing out the    time it takes to complete the floors.
44.    The granite tops were being cut and the stone slab cracked along a fault line. A new slab needs to be  found.
55.  The sheetrock mud wasn’t dry enough to sand and needs another day to dry.
66.   Rot was found in the bathroom floor and the subfloor and floor joists need to be replaced.
77.   Cast iron pipes were found and need to be replaced with pvc pipe.
88.   The county inspector didn’t have time to inspect your project on the day it was scheduled to be inspected.
99.  The power company didn’t turn the power back on the day you needed it.
110.The cabinet company is behind schedule.
111.  A light fixture arrived broken and a new one needs to be shipped out
112.  You changed your mind 3 times on the wall paint color.
113.  The shower glass came in with a scratch and needs to be reordered.
114.  The bathroom mirror was hit by a rock being delivered and needs to be recut.
115.  The plumber has the flu and a new plumber needs to be found.

It’s always a good idea to have an extra week or two buffer time built in for the length you expect or have been told that your project will take. Better that and be surprised when the project is completed on time than thoroughly frustrated when your project takes more time than you were told. Have you encountered other things that have put your project schedule behind? I’d love to hear about your experience. Email me at

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