Sunday, June 18, 2017

Where To Start: Bathroom Edition


One of the questions I encounter the most each week is from clients or friends asking “Where do you start in making decisions on a bathroom remodel? Here are my best tips.


  1. Tile. The largest mass of material in a bathroom, pick a tile that you love.
  2. Cabinets. Do you want something to blend in with the tile or be a contrast?
  3. Countertop. How does this relate with the tile?
  4. Plumbing fixtures. This is an important design element. Choose the style and finish that either blends in or is the design statement depending on the tile you have selected.
  5. Tub. This is often a focal point. If you don’t have a tub, will the shower be a focal point? What design details are you incorporating into the shower design?
  6. Wall Color. Often not a lot of wall space is left once cabinets, mirrors, doors and tile are added. You can go with a dramatic color or something that blends all of the other elements together.
  7. Mirror, light fixtures, cabinet hardware. The jewelry and final elements of the room. Will they relate more with the plumbing fixtures or blend more with the cabinets?


Usually making the decision on one element of the room will make all of the other elements easier. If there is one item you are dead set on, then use that as your jumping off point. I’ve walked thru this process with many clients and have found it easier for them to make decisions. I hope this information is helpful for you. Are there any elements I left out? Email me at

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