Sunday, June 4, 2017

Where To Start: Kitchen Edition

One of the questions I encounter the most each week is from clients or friends asking “Where do you start in making decisions on a kitchen remodel? Here are my best tips.

1.      Take stock of the surrounding spaces. Is your kitchen open to other rooms? Are there wall or flooring transitions? What is the style and colors of the surrounding spaces?
2.      Flooring. What floor is in the adjoining spaces? Does it make sense to continue the same wood floors into the kitchen space? Or do you have some natural transitions in order to change the floor material? One way to make the kitchen look larger and more seamless with other spaces, is to continue the same flooring thru the kitchen that is in the neighboring spaces.
3.      Countertops. Normally the next largest visual surface with least choices, select your countertops. Paint colors and cabinet colors can be tweaked around a countertop you fall in love with. Also if you fall in love with a wild or very unique countertop, you may want to consider toning down the other elements of the kitchen.
4.      Cabinets. Once countertops are selected , then the cabinets can be finalized.
5.      Backsplash. The backsplash pulls the cabinets and countertops together. Make sure you bring a sample of your cabinet and countertop when you go to select a tile backsplash.
6.      Hardware-lights, cabinet hardware, faucets. These elements are the jewelry of the room.

Usually making the decision on one element of the room will make all of the other elements easier. If there is one item you are dead set on, then use that as your jumping off point. I’ve walked thru this process with many clients and have found it easier for them to make decisions. I hope this information is helpful for you. Are there any elements I left out? Email me at

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