Sunday, May 21, 2017

How to Clean Wood Cutting Boards

A butcher block cutting board or countertop has a presence in most kitchens. Like a cast iron pan, it acquires seasoning the same way. A wood cutting board is gentle on your knives and can be refinished unlike many other types of cutting boards. Well taken care of, a great butcher block cutting board can become an heirloom piece similar to a cast iron pan. Unlike other wood furniture, wood cutting boards are finished with oils free of harsh substances since it comes into direct contact with food. These food safe finishes are typically less durable. Combine a less durable finish with frequent exposure to moisture and knives, you can end up with a dry, grainy board that absorbs moisture. Here’s some tips to keep your cutting board in tip top shape.

1.      Keep it clean. Wood captures moisture and stains more easily than a stone cutting board. Regularly remove all wood particles and scrub it with a mild soap then towel off to remove any excess moisture.
2.      Sanitize. Using strong chemical cleaners can leave a residue and contaminate your food. Spray the cutting board with undiluted white vinegar which acts as a discenfectant, ridding the board of dangerous bacteria’s.
3.      Stain Removal. Sprinkle table salt over the stain. Slice a lemon and half and using the cut end, thoroughly rub the salt into the stain. Let sit overnight and then clean of with a damp sponge. This is also great for removing odors and flavors from onions or garlic.
4.      Refinish. Thoroughly clean the surface then liberally apply mineral oil or tung oil with a rag, wiping off any excess after an hour. Make sure to give attention to the all sides and edges of the cutting board. Do not use vegetable or cooking oils as they can turn rancid.

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