Sunday, December 4, 2016

Finding Extra Storage in Stud Spaces

Have you ever looked at the space between wall studs and thought “There’s got to be a way to use that space!” More and more projects these days are utilizing the space between studs for storage. See the picture below for a recent project we completed. This tall linen cabinet was only about 8” deep, but recessed into the wall. It is perfect storage for all of those lotions and potions people keep in the bathroom.

Empty stud space is not just for short medicine cabinets. Utilize an empty wall and the tall space for more storage. You may not be able to fit towels in this cabinet, but it is a great place to keep medicines, shampoo bottles and other small items.

Take a look around your space, do you have some free space on a wall that you can utilize better? I love this free, found space for more storage-and who couldn’t use more storage space?! Do you have a good idea for found storage space? I’d love to hear. Email me at

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