Sunday, November 20, 2016

Standard Cabinet Heights & Depths

One question I am frequently asked is what the standard heights and depths of cabinets these days are. Let’s explore that today. *Note: Some of these dimensions are our standards after some trial and error and repeated client requests*

Base Cabinets: 35 ¼” height x 24” deep

Upper Cabinets: 12” deep

Inset Construction Upper Cabinets: 13” deep (with the door inset into the frame of the cabinet, you decrease the interior shelf size by ¾”. Because dinner plates are made larger and larger today, it’s important to have a 12” interior shelf)

Tall Oven or Refrigerator Cabinets: 26” deep-this allows a 24”deep base cabinet beside it to have a 1-1 ½” countertop overhang and the countertop to not stick out past the face of the oven or refrigerator cabinet

Base Cabinets: 35 ¼” height x 21” deep

12” deep

Because we build custom cabinets, we have the flexibility and ability to make cabinets whatever height, width or depth we need or want to. We build everything down to the 1/16th of an inch allowing us to forgo fillers and maximize storage space. If you are getting custom cabinets for your space, carefully consider what will be going in each cabinet and have them built the depth you need accordingly. This will allow the best use of the cabinets.

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