Monday, August 24, 2015

Remodel Roller Coaster: Part 1

One thing I constantly see clients irritated with and exasperated by is the remodel experience. The process is taking a lot longer than they were told, there's a breakdown or lack of communication with the remodeler, the remodeler made an assumption and something wasn't executed like the homeowner envisioned. When launching into a remodel project, regardless of how large or small, it's important to set clear expectations for yourself and your remodeler and make sure it is detailed and documented clearly. Set yourself up with clear expectations so you are properly prepared for the headache and hassle. The graph below is something we put together to help clients understand how their emotions might react during the remodel process.

Over the coming weeks we will explore some recent areas clients have expressed exasperation to me.

1.    "The project is taking weeks or months longer than I was told it would." There are many factors that could contribute to this. Maybe the weather hasn't been cooperating and they haven't been able to pour your foundation or roof the addition. Acts of God are a perfectly reasonable excuse for a project taking longer than it should. But there are also other reasons that may contribute to the process taking longer that could have been avoided. Maybe all of the selections were not finalized before the project began and now your tile is holding up the kitchen from being completed or that one light fixture is on back order til January. To help the process rock along as quickly and smoothly as possible, it's important before any work begins, that you have every selection and paint color made and if possible, in hand to avoid any delays. It's not fun living with a mess in your house or having to go without a kitchen or bathroom. I know-I've done it, that's why I'm such a huge proponent of doing the hard work on the front end in order to speed up and smooth the process along. Another factor could be that your contractor is not very organized or has too many projects going at the same time. Lack of organization or being too busy often manifests itself in project delays. Before you sign a contract with a remodeler, ask previous clients how well they have stuck with their schedule. Question the remodeler about how many projects they have going at one time and who will manage your project. Answers to these questions will give you insight into how your project will run.

Have you experienced any frustrations with a remodel project? I'd love to hear about them. Shoot me an email at Next time we will continue our series on the remodel roller coaster. 

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