Sunday, August 30, 2015

Remodel Roller Coaster: Part 2

Last time we started a discussion on different areas that people experience frustration during the remodel process and how to avoid them. This week we will dive into a few more areas.

2. "That's not how I thought that was going to look." Often times the vision you have in your head about how the finished product will look and the vision the remodeler has in his head about how the finished product will look are two completely different things. The phrase "modern" may conjure up different images for him than it does for you. Pull pictures that reflect what you want, clearly spell out and communicate what you are wanting and get the contractor to tell you what he thinks the final product will look like. Don't be afraid to ask questions and clear up in your mind and your contractors mind what you are expecting the finished project to look like. Houzz, Pinterest and magazine pictures are great ways to help you visually spell out what you want.

3. "Why wasn't that included in our estimate?" Diligent work in making selections beforehand and making sure you have a clear contract helps to avoid this question. Some items that may be beyond the scope of the project and unable to be included could be mold found under the floor or sheetrock, rotting floor found under a tub or shower, or plumbing or electrical discovered in a wall that is to be removed. Also, if you make any changes to the scope of the project or finishes, this could impact the price. Ask when making a change if it is going to add expense. Better to be apprised of the extras all along the project than being surprised when you get the final bill. For your own peace of mind, consider padding the project price with an additional 10% in your mind for items that might be uncovered during demo or during the project.

Next time we will continue our discussion on this wild remodel ride. Have any frustrations of your own you would like to share? Shoot me an email at

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