Sunday, August 2, 2015

Polished Chrome vs. Polished Nickel

One question that often comes up when selecting plumbing fixtures is should we use a polished chrome finish or a polished nickel finish? Today we will explore the differences and when you should choose one over the other.

Polished chrome is generally less expensive than polished nickel. It used to be easier to find, but today most things are also available in polished nickel. Polished chrome has more of a grey, cool undertone while polished nickel has more of a gold, warm undertone.  Generally when using cool grey paint colors and white Carrera marble, you would want to use a polished chrome finish. If you are using warmer cream toned paint and Calcutta gold marble, polished nickel would work better.

Do you need to match every finish in a space? That’s a big question for another day, but no, your cabinet hardware, faucets and light fixtures don’t all have to match. You can easily combine a polished chrome faucet with brushed nickel hardware or polished nickel with other oil rubbed bronze accents. I love the look of a bright and shiny faucet. There’s something just so clean and fresh about it.

So before you select polished nickel over polished chrome, take a moment to evaluate the other colors and finishes in the space. You may find that polished chrome works best…and you can save a couple of bucks. Questions? Email me at I’m always happy to answer questions or give you further information.

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