Sunday, December 22, 2013

5 Things To Do Yourself

It's that time of year that people begin to get the itch to be productive. We are cooped up inside and we see and have time to tackle those nagging little home projects on our to do list. Before you begin, let's assess what you can do and what really needs to be hired out.


First, take a pad of paper or your smartphone and go room by room. Take a fresh look at the space. Is something in need of repair? Would a good cleaning solve your problem? Are you tired of looking at that old ceiling fan? Is that picture still leaning against the wall waiting to be hung? Once you have a master list of what needs to be done, you can assess what you want and can do and what you need to hire someone else to do. Depending on your skill and confidence level, this may vary by person. Here is my list of 5 things most anyone could tackle.


1.    Replace shower faucet head. Minimal tools are needed for this and can really upgrade your showering experience and make you wonder why it took you so long. Two that I have enjoyed trying out recently are the Grohe Rainshower hand shower and the Kohler Moxie shower head. It has a Bluetooth speaker built into it!


2.   Replace a light fixture or ceiling fan. A little electrical knowledge is needed or the ability to read instructions. Few tools are needed, but patience and possibly a third hand are a must. Make sure you turn off the breaker before you begin.


3.   New cabinet hardware. A very simple change, make sure you find a pull that matches the current hole pattern you have drilled in your cabinet doors and drawers or select a backplate that will cover up the old holes. You can either purchase online or through a local hardware company.


4.   Paint. More tools are needed for this project and it's important to make sure you prep and tape off the space well before you begin. (While I have painted many a space, I have found it less frustrating and more economical, time wise, for me to hire this out. If you ever see me purchasing a paint brush, feel free to tell me to put it down and call the painter!)


5.   Minor sheetrock repairs. Patience and a few tools are needed. This skill is important before you tackle some of the painting projects above.


6.   Window treatments & blinds. A drill, a hammer, screws, a tape measure and a pencil. Measure twice and drill once. So simple and very rewarding!


Need a little help? Someone in your local hardware store is a great wealth of knowledge. That little thing called the internet. Yeah, it's helpful too. And YouTube has a wealth of knowledge in video tutorials that can help you through your projects. If all else fails, call The Man. AKA the painter, electrician, plumber. You won't be sorry. If you have any questions you would like addressed, don't hesitate to contact me at

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