Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kitchen Myth's: Part 6

Myth: Yes, it will fit.

 Fact: You cant deny the reality of a square foot, but its amazing how many people try to do just that. One client insisted on putting an island in her new townhouse kitchen, although there was clearly not enough room for it. She tried to do whats popular without any thought to whether it would work in the space. Now, theres barely room to stand behind it to use the counter and you cant put anything on the adjacent wall except for a painting.
Human nature is tricky. We can unwittingly grow attached to our old appliances and end up with new refrigerators that are too small  or too large or with ovens that are short on burners. Or, we forget our physical limitations and opt for a sink bay window thats too deep or an island thats too huge to clean. It's important to pay particular attention to aisle width, which should be between 42 and 48. If theres too little space, youre stuck if someone lowers the door of the oven, dishwasher or microwave. Always try to maintain your objectivity, and remember that, in the end, utility trumps every other consideration.

Myth: You can decide on the design as you go
Fact: Designing on the fly is likely to lead to a big mess. For a successful design plan, it's important to start with a clear picture of what you want, and it's even better to have it down on paper with each detail selected. You can successfully mix styles and pieces, but even if you're a seasoned pro, this requires considerably more strategy than just picking up decor that you like on a whim. There's nothing worse than getting to the middle or end of a project to find out that sink you really wanted is back ordered for 3 months.

The end of the year is drawing near and we will begin focusing on new ideas. If you have any you would like added to the list or questions regarding some we have already discussed, don't hesitate to contact me at

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