Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kitchen Myth's: Part 5

Myth: The ceiling has to be white

Fact: We all know that white is the typical color for a ceiling, but there's no decorating rule that says it has to be. Painting the ceiling two shades lighter than the wall color can help smaller rooms feel more airy and spacious. But if the room is already cavernous and you want to give it more of a cozy feel, choose a darker color to give the illusion of bringing the ceiling down.


Myth: White Rooms look bigger

Fact: White rooms are popular for a couple of reasons. They complement a modern, minimalist aesthetic, and they don't compete with other bold design choices. Clean is the buzzword most people use when opting for white, but it's a myth that white walls make a room look larger. Color creates depth and interest, and our eyes tend to move from darker colors to lighter colors. This is what allows us to judge the distance between two walls and what creates the illusion of space -- or the lack thereof.


Myth: Everything has to match

Fact: Everything in a room does not have to match, but you do want pieces to coordinate for a cohesive look. An elegant Louis XVI chair isn't a good complement to the clean lines of a mod Parson's table, but this doesn't mean that your entire living room has to be decorated with Victorian antiques. If you're mixing styles, it's important to choose pieces that visually balance each other. For example, a roomy sectional with big, deep cushions is best paired with a chunky coffee table, while a smaller scale couch with tailored cushions will coordinate better with a spindly, mid-century modern coffee table.


Next time we will explore some other kitchen myth's. If you have any you would like added to the list or questions regarding some we have already discussed, don't hesitate to contact me at

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