Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kitchen Myth's: Part 4

Myth: I want what she has.   

Fact: Its tempting to follow the latest trends, but it pays to be practical. Do you really want your friends painted cabinets when they risk water damage near your sink? Will you tire of that popular granite color? Will you still love antique glazed cabinets in 10 years? Will that funky kitchen featured in that glossy magazine really work in your house?

Considering the scope of a kitchen renovation, its best to proceed cautiously. Homeowners get carried away when they see someone elses home or a kitchen showroom. They go bounding off and buy things without thinking of the rest of the house. Usually the kitchen is the first room they do during a home renovation and it dictates the colors for the rest of the housefor what seems like forever. Its a huge investment.


Myth: Solid  cabinet doors last longer than veneer doors.

Fact: Solid wood doors have a higher tendency to warp and the wood separate than veneer doors.  Veneer doors can actually be quite durable depending on the quality of the veneer and edge tape. When making the decision, make sure you have a high level of trust with the manufacturer and they have a strong warranty.

Myth: Big box stores are always cheaper.

Fact: This really depends on the design of the kitchen and the type of cabinets you want to purchase. Typically, high levels of customization can cost a lost more with big box store cabinets. Once you have decided on your layout and style, it's important to obtain estimates from a big box store and a custom cabinet company.


Next time we will explore some other kitchen myth's. If you have any you would like added to the list or questions regarding some we have already discussed, don't hesitate to contact me at

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