Sunday, July 8, 2012

Painting Brass

            Do you have some bright brass or antique lamps in your house? What about chandelier? Do you dream of replacing it with something more current or up to date? Have you considered painting it? “Paint brass?” you say, “No way.” I recently found an antique brass lamp on Craigslist. I loved the shape, but the color just didn’t work with the rest of my furnishings. “Paint it.” was my first thought. Below is the process I used and it turned out great.


            Step 1: Using blue painters tape, tape off the electrical cord and bulb socket.


            Step 2: With fine sandpaper, lightly sand the lamp or brass item, making sure to                             hit all of the profiles. This will help with adhesion of the paint and make                               sure the surface is smooth.


            Step 3: Using a high quality spray paint in the color of your choosing, I chose                                 Rust-Oleum, spray a primer coat onto the entire lamp, taking care to                                evenly coat it and avoid drips or runs. Allow to dry completely, overnight.


            Step 4: Lightly sand the primer coat, dust off and spray another coat of paint.                                Allow to dry completely, overnight.


            Step 5: Spray a 3rd coat of paint if necessary. You want to make sure there is an                             even, thick coat of paint over the entire surface. After it is dry, remove the                                blue painters tape and it is ready for use.

You now have a brand new lamp! I am no longer dismissing an item because of its finish. It can always be painted!

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