Sunday, July 22, 2012

Puppy Wash

            Do you have a special Fido in your family? Does the thought of bathing him in your Jacuzzi tub make you shudder? Is she too pampered to be hosed down in the driveway? Maybe it’s time to consider including a canine cleaning station in your laundry room. A perfect addition to a mudroom or laundry room, this tiled tub can do double duty to hose off muddy shoes or children. Below are a few points to keep in mind as you determine if this idea is worth it for you.


  • Make sure the tub is large enough for your full grown dog. He may be a puppy now, but he will grow.
  • High or low? Depending on the size of your dog, you may want to have a tub mounted higher for a small dog, to avoid bending over or one near the floor so you don’t have to lift that lab up high.
  • Mount the faucet on the wall, high enough so Fido won’t bump his head. A hand shower is perfect for hard to reach spots and cleaning out the tub when you are finished.
  • Tile the bottom and up the walls with a large size, easy to clean ceramic tile. Minimal grout joints and a non-slip surface are optimal. Make sure you tile far enough up and around to cover the “shake” zone.
  • Include a shelf for storing shampoo and an outlet nearby should you need a hair dryer.
  • Make sure you have storage space nearby for towels and any other brushes or items you may need during bath time.

Too much for you? There’s always the local vet or groomer that would be happy to take over this task for you. 

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