Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eight Kitchen Terms Every Homeowner Should Know

1.      Stainless gauge: the thickness of the stainless steel; the lower the number (16 gauge is the best), the thicker the material and the higher quality of the sink.


2.      Undermount sink: A sink that mounts underneath the countertop allowing for a smooth transition from the top to the sink. Unlike a drop in sink which lips over the edge of the countertop.


3.      Recessed light: Also known as a down light or can light. This light is mounted in the ceiling cavity with only a small trim ring protruding down from the ceiling making it virtually flush with the ceiling.


4.      Glazed: Also known as antiqued. The process of placing a darker or lighter substance similar to a thick paint all over a cabinet door or any piece of wood, then wiping it off until the desired look is achieved. The glaze will remain in the profiles of the door or wood giving it an aged look.


5.      Pull Down: An arch top or gooseneck faucet where the actual sprayer pulls down eliminating the need for a separate sprayer. The pull down sprayer is kept in place by a magnet.


6.      Raised Panel: A door where the center panel has been shaped to provide a three dimensional effect. This is the most traditional style of cabinet and interior door.


7.      Convection: The process of circulating hot air around the oven cavity with one or two fans to evenly cook the food and shorten the required cooking time.


8.      Custom: Cabinets made to the sixteenth of an inch to exactly fit the space. Cabinets can be made in any length, depth or height and are not limited to 3” increments or “standard” sizes. Any design or idea can be reproduced and there is no limit to the imagination. Specialized finishes and colors can be reproduced to match anything.
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