Sunday, June 10, 2012

Home Office

            Most new homes are still built with a large, formal study. The wood paneled room most commonly found to the left or right directly inside the front door. The room that is hardly ever used.


            Many homeowners today are choosing to eliminate the formal study and incorporate that space into the master suite or kitchen and family room. In doing so, you are incorporating that square footage into spaces you use every day and. With the predominance of laptops, iPads and other wireless devices a formal study with an oversized desk is often a thing of the past. Instead homeowners are designating a small nook off of the kitchen.

            This space should include file storage, a work surface, and adequate lighting that can be used as a bill payment center and for organizing general household paperwork. Also consider incorporating a corkboard to pin up invitations, frequently used menus and pictures. It should have a door so that you have the option of closing it off while entertaining. You don’t have to look far for many cute and affordable ideas for this space. This is a great area to add color and accents that highlight your personality.

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