Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kitchen and Bath Trends: Part 2

Have your mind’s wheels been spinning since last week? Today we will look at some other kitchen and bath trends in 2011.



            No, not the beverage, the color. Chocolate and espresso colored cabinets is found in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. Whether incorporated into just the island, an accent piece or the entire kitchen, all ranges of the mid to dark brown family of colors is seen. It is also picked up in the hardware, wood floors, light fixtures, faucets and countertops.


Walk in Pantries:

            With open floor plans comes less wall space for cabinets and storage. That is why a separate walk in pantry is so important. It can be for storage only or more of a working pantry with the bulk of mixing and food prep occurring there. Maybe that is where the toaster oven or microwave is kept allowing the counter surface in your kitchen to remain uncluttered. Sinks, a second refrigerator and dish storage can also be found in today’s walk in pantries.


Detailed Ceilings:

            Higher ceilings allow for more detailed ceiling treatments that provide a warmer and cozier feel. Ceiling treatments are seen in the application of traditional painted coffers, rough hewn beams, reclaimed wood flooring applied to the ceiling, pressed tin and detailed trim packages. All of these treatments provide dimension and texture to an otherwise plain space.


2011 has been a great year and I can’t wait to see what the trends in 2012 are!

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