Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kitchen and Bath Trends

We all like to stay current on the latest trends and ideas. Maybe you aren’t able to implement them all in your home but if you are like me, you at least like to know about them. Over the next 2 weeks we will learn about some of the current kitchen and bath trends.



            No, not in relationships, to your diet or your exercise plan. Commitment to color! Color can be introduced to a room through backsplash tile, wall color, pillows or furniture pieces. Don’t be afraid of color. It’s easy to start with a neutral background and large pieces and then add color through accessories. Then when the trends change or you get tired of that color, it is easy to change. Hot colors right now are carrot orange, tangerine and mango.


Freestanding tubs:

            Large, freestanding tubs are becoming the centerpiece of the master bathroom. They are a great focal point becoming like a piece of art. Soaking, jetted or acoustic. Copper, wood, fiberglass or porcelain. Is your tub the centerpiece of your bathroom?



            Incorporated into venthoods, glass backsplash tile, glass in cabinet doors, glass countertops and shower doors. It’s more than clear glass. There is seedy, antique, frosted, reeded. And have you seen the selections of glass backsplash tile???!!! Limitless!


Next week we will take a look at some other kitchen and bath trends in 2011. Expand your horizons, stretch the possibilities and dream!

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