Sunday, January 8, 2012

Home Office: Is it for you?

According to a recent Better Homes and Gardens survey, 59 percent of prospective home buyers are looking for a home office in their next house. Maybe you aren’t a prospective home buyer, but maybe you are a prospective home seller or just want to increase the value of your home. Have you considered a designated space for a home office?


Maybe you have an unused living room that could be turned into a home office. Or what about designating a small space in your kitchen for an office workspace. What about that unused closet? It would fit a small desk. Or the bonus room. Get creative and consider what space in your home could be designated for a home office.


What items are essential to have in a home office space?

·         File drawers or storage

·         Internet connection-maybe this is where you keep your router.

·         Power-to connect phone chargers, telephone, computer, lamps.

·         Lighting-overhead lighting, lamp or specific under cabinet task lighting.

·         Storage space or shelving-pens, paper, notebooks, owner’s manuals.

·         Seating-a chair, small stool or if you have the space and overstuffed chair.

·         Trash can


January is always a great time to purchase organization items. All the stores will have them on sale. Organize your home office space and start your year off on the right foot!

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