Sunday, July 17, 2011

The “Good” Ice

How many times have you gone through the drive thru of a particular restaurant just to order a drink so you can get the “good” ice? Can you name all of the restaurants in town that serve the “good” ice? The formal name for the “good” ice is nugget or pellet ice and it is now available for your household consumption.


Scotsman is the first manufacturer of a residential under the counter ice machine that produces nugget ice. The Brilliance model will fit in a 15” opening and is outdoor approved. It can produce over eighty pounds of nugget ice in 24 hours. That is enough “good” ice for all your consumption needs! Before you run out to buy one, check the price tag. This gem comes in at about $3,000. Small price to pay for the “good” ice, right?


If this model is not a viable option, keep your list of restaurants that serve the “good” ice up to date. It’s nice to dream about on a hot summer day, though. If this is an appliance you would consider, you can learn more information at Stay cool and enjoy the small things in life, like the “good” ice!

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