Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Cart Before the Horse

Have you ever gotten the cart before the horse? Your cabinets were in fine shape, maybe not what you dreamed of but would work for several more years. Your countertops were a different story. So you decided to keep your cabinets and just put in new countertops with a new tile backsplash. That looked great for a while, but then you started to wish you had replaced your cabinets before you put those expensive granite tops on. Do you have to live with that decision forever?


Thankfully, the answer is no. Perhaps the long term result was not thought through entirely, but if the layout of your kitchen suits you, you can have new cabinets without wasting the brand new countertops. The countertops can be removed, new cabinets installed under them and the existing tops reinstalled. There is always the possibility that the tops could crack or break or some tile backsplash may chip or break. Before you jump into this project, do your homework.


Do you have extra backsplash tile that could be used to replace any chipped or broken pieces? Or can you still purchase it? What about grout? Is your countertop material still available in the same color in case you need another piece cut? Keep in mind that this is not an easy project and some people may balk at doing it, but it can be done. Don’t let one backwards decision keep you from enjoying your kitchen.

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