Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Project in the Life of a Kitchen Designer-Week 4

We have progressed through three weeks in the life of a kitchen designer. Let’s wrap it up with week 4.


Day 16: All of the numbers and selections have been finalized and today I am meeting with the homeowners to go over everything with them. We talked about their budget at our first meeting so they are prepared for the bottom line number. Thankfully there were some rebates on the appliances that were a welcome surprise. We also discuss timing and they are ready to begin.


Day 17: Call all of the trades and give them the go ahead. Order tile, faucet, cabinets and other supplies. We know it will be about 4 weeks before all supplies are in hand and cabinets are ready. We do not want to demo their existing kitchen until everything else is ready. This will help shorten the time they are without a kitchen.


Day 18: The faucet was an in stock item so I pick it up and will store it at my office where we are stockpiling things.


Day 19: The tile arrives and I pick it up and make sure I have a copy of the design with it to simplify and clarify communication with the tile setter. This is also stored at my office.


Day 20: Free Day! I am headed to the mountains with some girl friends for a little R&R. See y’all after the 4th!


The design process is winding down but some would say the real work is just beginning. While the work is actually being completed, I will spend considerable time at the jobsite making sure each item is delivered, laid out and installed correctly. Being onsite also allows me to answer any questions that arise and keep the process moving along. As always flexibility is key! This should be a fun experience. Roll with it and enjoy the ride!

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