Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Project in the Life of a Kitchen Designer-Week 2

Last time we took a look at the behind the scenes events that occur in the first week of a kitchen remodel. Let’s dive in to week 2.


Day 6: Meet trade contractors at project site. Allow a 2-3 hour block of time for this and stagger the times of when each person is coming. Everyone there at one time equals chaos and the potential for missed details.


Day 7: Meet homeowners at local granite yard. Get samples of potential selections. Look at stainless steel undermount sinks. Chose an edge profile for the granite tops. The homeowners are not completely satisfied with the granite selection at the local yard. Schedule a time to meet them in Atlanta to walk through a granite slab warehouse.


Day 8: Meet homeowners at the granite warehouse in Atlanta. I have made sure to wear comfortable shoes. This is going to be a long day walking on concrete. Wow! There are hundreds of colors of granite, marble, onyx and travertine. Up and down the aisles we roam, pausing to look at many slabs that catch our eye. After an initial once-over, we walk back through to narrow down the most promising slabs. We have narrowed it down to two colors. Thankfully they have small pieces leftover from another slab we can take with us. They will not break a chunk off of a whole slab for you. This will be helpful in choosing tile and finalizing the cabinets.


Day 9: Meet homeowners at plumbing supply house to choose a faucet. The technology in faucets these days is amazing!


Day 10: Day off!! Well, not really. I am working on remodeling the bathrooms in my office. Today I will nail down selections and design for these spaces. And of course, I am still answering the phone and responding to emails.


Making these decisions and selections is fun, but could be overwhelming if you didn’t have a plan. I hope that this insight is helpful to you if you are considering a kitchen remodel and is a look in to the time that is required and the value a professional can be in walking through this process with you.

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