Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Project in the Life of a Kitchen Designer-Week 1

Ever wondered what exactly goes into a kitchen design? I mean, how much work can it really be? Today you will get a behind the scenes look into the first week of a kitchen remodel and what it really takes to pull it off successfully.


Day 1: Meet with homeowners and discuss their needs and wants. This meeting is a fact-finding trip and a great time to gauge their color likes and dislikes. Take careful measurements and pictures. Return to office and begin drawing plans for the space.


Day 2: Finish drawing plans and gather samples of cabinet finishes and door styles, tile and granite samples, paint colors and inspiration photos.


Day 3: Present plans and ideas to homeowners. Schedule a time to return with subcontractors to begin preparing a price. Return to office and revise plans. Schedule meeting times with plumber, electrician, trim carpenter, cabinet builder, painter and tile setter. Make appointments to meet homeowner at different trade showrooms.


Day 4: Meet homeowners at the cabinet shop and discuss and select cabinet colors, styles, wood, hardware, trim and interior details.


Day 5: Meet homeowners at appliance store. Look at different appliance models, compare brands and pricing and make selections.


Whew! Are you tired yet? This is what could be accomplished in one week. Typically the drawing stage takes a little longer and it is rare if not impossible to be able to meet with the client that many times in one week. Most people’s schedule simply won’t allow it. I hope that this insight is helpful to you if you are considering a kitchen remodel and is a look in to the time that is required.

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