Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Project in the Life of a Kitchen Designer-Week 3

Last time we took a look at the behind the scenes events that occur in the second week of a kitchen remodel. We are getting close to the end with week 3.


Day 11: A new week starts off with a bang. It is off to the tile showroom to make selections for the backsplash. I have brought the cabinet and granite samples with me so we can coordinate these finishes and colors. The homeowners have brought a few pictures of things they like. This is helpful in narrowing down our options. One could very easily get overwhelmed walking into this showroom. Everywhere you look there is another color, style or design option. After experimenting with several design layouts and different tiles, a decision has been made and the homeowners are thrilled with their selection.


Day 12: Paperwork day! Send layout of countertops to granite fabricator for estimate. Figure square footage of tile backsplash and send to the tile showroom. Contact other trades to get estimates. Begin compiling numbers for the cost estimate.


Day 13: Most of the new lighting in the kitchen will be recessed can lights, but we do have two pendant lights over the island. Normally we would begin our search at Lowes and then go to Progressive Lighting in Atlanta, but the homeowner has fallen in love with a fixture from Pottery Barn. Layout the placement of the can lights. Make copies for the homeowner and electrician. Order lights from Pottery Barn.


Day 14: Answer questions from the granite fabricator on details for the countertops. Follow up with trades that still owe you an estimate.


Day 15: Finish compiling and collecting estimates. Schedule a time to meet with the homeowner to go over final numbers.


The selection process is winding down and now we are into the detail collection and estimate gathering stage. If there is one thing I have learned by being in this business, it is that flexibility is key! Things may not go the way you planned or happen as fast as you would like. Be flexible and willing to roll with the punches and it will make the process so much more fun.

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