Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tips for a successful consultation

Most designers average 10-20 client meetings in any given week. Some meetings go great and some could go better. Here's a couple tips to ensure a successful consultation.

1.    Have all of your notes, pictures, ideas pulled together so they are easy to look thru together when the designer visits your house.
2.    Have the area you are looking at somewhat cleared off so it's easy to take measurements and see the space. The more they can see the more accurate estimate and advice they are able to give you.
3.    To be respectful of your time and the designers time, consider making sure any children at home are occupied so you can speak without interruption and that any pets are put up as some people are allergic to dogs and cats.
4.    Set an appointment reminder in your phone so you can ensure you are home in time for your meeting. If you are running behind, call the designer to let them know.  

These simple tips will make your meeting with your designer go smoother and allow more details to be completed-a great set up for a successful project.

Do you have any tips for a successful meeting? I'd love to hear them. Email me at

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