Sunday, October 14, 2012

Surviving a Kitchen Remodel: Part 3

            Last week we discussed how to set up a temporary kitchen while remodeling. This week we will focus on how to practically pack up your kitchen and be prepared to live without it for a couple of weeks. It’s the great balance of what you can and can’t live without. Here are a few tips:

  • Gather as many clean, sturdy boxes as you may need. Plastic Rubbermaid containers work well for your more fragile items. Always get more than you think you will need. Newspaper and bubble wrap are a must.
  • Have a good sharpie handy to be able to clearly mark each box.
  • Place items you think you may need near the top of the box, in case you need to access it.
  • Begin packing sooner than you think you need to. It invariably takes longer than expected and you will have to set up your temporary kitchen.
  • Place packed boxes in an air conditioned space like a spare bedroom, basement or bonus room. Resist the urge to keep it all in your living space. You will survive the remodel process better if your main living space is clutter free.
  • Remember to remove fragile items hanging on or near the walls opposite your remodeled space. Construction banging and vibrations could damage these items.
            Over the next couple of weeks, we will explore other aspects of a kitchen remodel and what you can do to keep it from being a stressful situation.

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