Sunday, September 30, 2012

Surviving a Kitchen Remodel: Part 2

            Last week we discussed setting expectations when beginning a kitchen remodel. This week we will focus on a more practical side- how you are going to eat. Setting up a temporary kitchen is important. The idea of eating out for every meal may sound glamorous now, but it will get old quickly. Here are a few tips:

         Keep essential items in a convenient location. Paper plates, cups, napkins and plastic utensils; cereal; paper towels; garbage bags; coffee; dishcloths; soap; microwaveable meals. Everything else can be packed away but you will need these items in a handy location.
  • Plan to wash dirty dishes in another sink or bathtub. Or better yet, use all disposable dishes and utensils.
  • Move your old refrigerator out of the kitchen remodel space or get a mini-fridge. Position this near a water source. Add a table with a microwave, toaster oven and trash can and you are set up.
  • Wherever you set up your temporary kitchen, probably was not wired for multiple appliances to be used at the same time. You may blow a fuse a time or two before you figure out which appliances can be used at the same time.

             Over the next couple of weeks, we will explore the different aspects of a kitchen remodel and what you can do to keep it from being a stressful situation.

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