Sunday, March 13, 2011

Divide and Conquer

            Party platters, cookie sheets, cutting boards, muffin tins, cooling racks, serving dishes. They seem to multiply and they are so hard to store. Do you currently have yours stacked in a cabinet and you brace yourself for falling items whenever you open it? Don’t worry. You are not alone but there is a relatively simple solution if you have the space.


            Tray dividers are one of the best utilizers and organizers of space. They can be added in the deep space over your built in oven, a base cabinet with the shelf removed or a pantry cabinet. Why allow those spaces to be cluttered when you could have more order and organization. This is certainly something you could do yourself with minimal tools or experience and any handyman could handle this project without trouble.


Typical construction is one quarter inch, half inch or three quarter inch plywood vertical dividers affixed in a deep cabinet. The space between each divider can be customized to fit your needs and space or evenly spaced to allow for more flexibility. We typically allow three to four inches between each divider. Dividers could also be added to a deep drawer to allow you to pull them out and access them from the top, similar to a spice pull out.

Enjoy a more organized kitchen!

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