Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pull It Out

            Have you had to virtually crawl into one of your base cabinets recently to access the items in the back? Do you even know what is in the back of your pantry cabinet or base cabinets? Are you afraid to know? A pull out tray or drawer may be just what you need.


            Pull out trays or drawers are just like a drawer, but hidden behind a door. These are commonly utilized in a pantry cabinet so you can pull all of the food items out in front of you for viewing. They are also a great fix for base cabinets that store pots and pants, plastic containers, cleaning supplies under the sink and a myriad of other things.


Let’s look at a typical cabinet. You have a door with a full or half shelf behind it. To install a pull out tray or drawer, remove the shelf, add blocking on either sides of the opening so that the tray front will clear the hinge when it pulls out, install your drawer slides (while you are at it, go all out for the full extension drawer slide), install your drawer box and enjoy the new found space at the back of your cabinet. In a typical base cabinet, one tray can be installed at the bottom and another one halfway up. If you have lots of little things, install more trays closer together.

Enjoy the new found space at the back of your cabinet!

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