Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Love of My Life

For those who know me well, the title of this article probably really grabbed your attention. No, I do not have a secret boyfriend to announce and I have not gotten a puppy. In my kitchen, the love of my life is my pull out trash can!


The pull out trash is attached to and hidden behind a door. I simply pull on the knob and out it comes. The sturdy plastic bin that my bag is placed in is easy to wash out and it keeps my yucky trash hidden from view. I love not having an unsightly trash can sitting at the end of my cabinets or maybe tucked under the sink or far away in my pantry. My pull out trash is directly to the right of my sink, within easy reach when I am cooking.


If you are not so fortunate to already have a built in trash can, there may be a way you can add one. Choose a base cabinet with twenty-two inches of depth, about twenty inches of height and widths that can vary from eight to twenty inches. It may be necessary to remove the interior shelf. If you are not sure if your space can handle a built in trash can, email me a picture and I will be happy to offer advice. Purchase a high quality, full extension pull out trash can and door mounting kit from your local hardware store or a cabinet company. Remove the hinge from the chosen door and follow the installation instructions with your chosen trash can. It may be a relatively small expense, but one you are sure not to regret. Try it and see if it becomes the love of your life in your kitchen.

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