Sunday, December 5, 2010

Glimmer and Sparkle

            Have you noticed that the hot colors this holiday season are gold, silver, copper and metallics? In shoes, clothes, jewelry and cars. Everywhere you turn something else is sparkling. If a sparkle catches your eye, do not fear, it can even be incorporated into your kitchen or bathroom!


A fairly new product, metallic paint, is great for adding a little drama or sparkle to a space. Consider painting the crown molding, baseboard and door trim in a powder room silver. Or the trim in your kitchen copper. If you have a decorative hood cabinet over your range, this is a great spot for some copper. The great thing about the copper paint is that it does not oxidize, so you do not have to continually clean it to keep that polished, shiny look. Paint the backs of some white bookshelves gold and see how your books and knick knacks shine. Or paint the ceiling in your dining room gold. Wow! Impact! It is amazing how far a quart of paint will go and how much impact it can have in a space.


Just writing this is getting me excited and my creative juices flowing. I feel a home project coming on! Step outside of your comfort zone and see what fun a little metallic paint can add to your home. What a great way to brighten up your home during the drab, dreary days of winter.

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