Sunday, October 17, 2010

Every Last Inch

Who has ever lost something in the back of a drawer only because you could not pull it all the way out to see what was back there? Is your had raised? Mine is. We all have shared that frustration at some point in time. When you consider how to best maximize the space you have in your current cabinets or perhaps the best way to maximize space in new cabinets, one are to take a close look at is the drawers and specifically the drawer slides.


The base model drawer slide is a side mount, white, epoxy or roller runner that allows the drawer to extend out approximately three quarters of the way. This style is often found on box cabinets and is a great option for a vanity or cabinets in lesser used spaces. It works great if that is all you have and is better than nothing.


If you truly want to maximize and use every last inch of your drawer, the full extension drawer slide is the way to go. A full extension slide is available for side mount or under mount application and in keeping with its name, extends the drawer out all of the way. While it is slightly more expensive than the base model epoxy drawer slide, it is the best investment for organization, use, cleaning and sometimes our sanity.


So before you just accept what is given to you, ask the question. Do these drawers have full extension drawer slides? Believe me, it will be well worth the time it takes to ask and the added investment. After all, we all want to use every last inch.

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