Sunday, September 5, 2010

Drama with Metal

“Metal?” you say, “For my backsplash?” I say yes. Whether it is simply metal accent tiles, a liner to set off a more decorative area over your sink or range or the entire backsplash, metal tiles are a great way to add drama and make a statement. Typically, metal is perceived as a cold material. With all of the finishes available, metal tile can provide warmth, age, texture, sleekness or a clean feel to your space.


Metal tiles come in all shapes, sizes and finishes. From subway tiles to small round accent tiles to pressed metal sheets resembling antique pressed tin. Stainless steel, copper and bronze metal finishes. The options and possibilities are endless. The care and use of metal tile varies with the manufacturer so make sure you ask about oxidation, scratching, cleaning products and sealing.


Metal tile installation will vary be each product and manufacturer. They will give you detailed instructions and recommendations and it is always best to follow their recommendations. Special saw blades may be needed to trim and cut metal tile. Again, the manufacturer or supplier can answer that question for you. It is always better to ask before you begin the project than when you are in the middle of it and find out you do not have the correct materials.


Drama can be added to your backsplash with metal tile. Use metal tiles for your entire backsplash or just a few for accents. Either way, you are creating something unique for your home and your space.

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