Sunday, August 22, 2010

Get Glamorous with Glass

So far in our backsplash exploration, we have looked at beadboard, brick, antique mirror and tumbled stone. This week we will look at one of my favorites-glass tile. It can come in many different sizes, from tiny mosaics, to 1x1 tiles, to 3x6 subway tile to a 12x12. And the colors? Well, they are endless.


Glass tile is a great way to make a bold statement or just used as an accent. Some glass tiles come in predetermined mosaic patterns. Your glass tile accents can blend with your surrounding tile or you can use a mass of glass tile to make a real statement. The colors, sizes, textures and patterns are endless. Glass tile can work in very traditional spaces, modern spaces and all spaces in between if used wisely.


Glass tile installation is very different from other tile installation processes. Different setting materials are often needed. And with all the extra grout joints, it is imperative that it be sealed. It is crucial that the manufacturer’s instructions are followed and the surface is prepped correctly before beginning installation. Special saw blades or cutting devices are needed to trim and cut glass tile. While working with glass tile may seem a little daunting, the staff at Traditions in Tile are always willing to give advice on the best way to work with and install glass tile.


Looking for a way to add that little extra glamour to your backsplash? Glass tile may be the way to go. Psst! Glass tile looks great in a shower, too. Let your imagination run free, take a look at what there is to offer and you too may find that you are like a kid in a candy store.

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