Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hack Your Cabinets

How do you gain more or better storage in the cabinets you already have? Are you having new cabinets put in?  What can you do to make sure they are fully utilized?

1.      Pull out trash-hide your trash and recycling away behind a cabinet door. Attach it to the cabinet door so it’s one easy step to pull out the trash. It gets that dirty, smelly, eyesore out of your open kitchen space.

2.      Pull out drawer/tray under the sink. Whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom sink, this space underneath the pipes is often a difficult used space. Utilize it better with a pull out so you can actually see what’s in the back of that cabinet.

3.      Drawer dividers-one of my favorites! Organizing your silverware, large utensils, knives, etc. can make cooking and organization so much more pleasant.

4.      Tray dividers-it’s amazing how many things are more easily stored standing up. Cookie sheets, pizza pans, cutting boards, muffin tins, cooling racks and baking pans.

5.      Drawers-anything you can pull out and see in front of you is much easier to organize and utilize than if you have to get on your hands and knees and crawl into a deep, dark base cabinet.

6.      Corkboard or white board on the inside of cabinet doors-perfect for grocery lists, frequently used substitutions or recipes or beautiful clipart.

7.      Magnetic knife block-adhered to the side of a cabinet or the back wall, this is an easy way to store knives without putting them into a drawer or leaving your knife block on the counter taking up precious counter space.

Do you have any other cabinet hacks? I’d love to hear. Email me at

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