Sunday, February 7, 2016

Pros of Working with a Female Designer

Last year in prep for a speech I was giving at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, I conducted a survey among the contractors I work with. The first question I asked them was what were PROS of working with a woman designer. There are many more PROS than CONS. Here are some of the answers I got back.

-They have a better feel for what the woman homeowner wants
-The woman homeowner is more comfortable with a woman designer
-They bring a different perspective
-My survey says that women are more in tune with design trends. You ask a woman a
handbag style and she can probably rattle off a couple of designer names.
-My survey says that they have a more nurturing spirit
-They have more of a desire to meet the needs of the client
-They are better listeners and more intuitive
-They are great at multitasking
-My survey says that women are great organizers.
-They have a better eye for the small details.
-They are quicker at relationship building
-They have better relatability to people
-Clients respect a female designer’s opinion more than a male’s
-Design related decisions are often emotional decisions. A female designer has a softer
touch in persuading a client against making a mistake.
-They can discuss shoe storage and cosmetics with ease. What guy wants to talk about
keeping his curling iron plugged in inside a drawer? A female can say 'this is what I do.' (Ok, I have to admit, this was my dad's answer.)

The answers were enlightening and encouraging to me as a work with clients and contractors every day. It's good to hear from an outside party about what you can focus on. Do you agree with these answers? Do you have any to add? Email me at

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