Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stained vs. Painted

                Multiple times a week I am asked “Which is better? Stained or painted cabinets?” Today we will look at the pros and cons of both. Just like with any finish, there are pros and cons, but the ultimate questions you have to ask yourself are…What do you like the best? What fits in your home?  What fits your lifestyle?  What are you going to be happy living with for a long time? Only you can make that decision.

Stained Pros:
-Shows wear less. Nicks or scratches on a stained cabinet are less visible than on a white painted cabinet. It doesn’t mean that it won’t nick or scratch, it’s just that those imperfections will be less visible.

-Typically a neutral base that can work with many different accent colors. This is great if you like to change up your colors with the season…

-Allows you to see the beautiful grain of the wood.

Stained Cons:
-Typically darker, not as bright as a white painted cabinet

-Fewer color options

Painted Pros:
-Brightens up a space, depending on the color used.

-Limitless color options.

Painted Cons:
-Shows wear more.

-Potential to get tired of the color.

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