Sunday, May 24, 2015

Help! I have stippled ceilings!

                “Help!” may be what you feel like yelling when you have stippled or popcorn ceilings.  Today we are going to explore why these types of ceilings are done and the pros and cons of them.

A stippled or popcorn ceiling is sprayed or trowelled on finish to a drywall ceiling that saves contractors a lot of time and money because the ceilings do not have to be mudded, taped, sanded, primed or painted. What may save time at the beginning of a home’s life often causes angst for the homeowner down the road. Proving again that the shortcut is not always the best road to take. There’s a life lesson in there.

What the pros to a stippled or popcorn ceiling?
                -It provides a quick finish for a sometimes difficult to finish surface.
                -It masks an uneven ceiling
                -It hides imperfections
                -It provides texture to an often times flat space
                -Crown molding is often times not needed

What are the cons to a stippled or popcorn ceiling?
                -Cracking is difficult to repair
                -Discoloration from leaks or stains are difficult to repair without repainting the entire                             ceiling
                -Crown molding or trim at the ceiling don’t always have a nice tight fit
                -Repair from adding or removing ceiling fixtures is difficult
                -Matching existing texture for a repair is difficult

So you have stippled ceilings. Is all hope lost? Well, that may be a little overdramatic. I would say that in today’s interiors stippled or popcorn ceilings are not preferred. This could be a drawback to purchasing  or selling a home. If you have this type ceiling, what can you do about it? Next time we will explore your options for removing a stippled or popcorn ceiling. Have questions? Email me at

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