Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Tweed Movement

Caring for elderly parents is no small task, especially when the family decision for the ones you love is for them to come live with you.  While retirement villages, assisted living retreats, and full time care givers are all a great option, the 21st century has created another option of working through those later decades of living.  One survey suggests that in 2015, 60% of home buyers will want dual Master Suites.  Baby Boomers need a place for their aging parents.  These parents are active and productive adults who warrant their own space.

Whether it is new construction or reconfiguring existing homes, I am seeing more and more clients considering these options. Maybe it’s adding an additional master suite on the first floor or finishing out an easily accessed basement or simply remodeling your existing space to accommodate your needs as you age in your home. My years of coaching customers through transformations has taught me how to keep the aesthetics needs of a home handsome and functional.  No longer do these features need to look “hospital like.”

Accommodating the “Tweed Movement” usually focuses on two areas of the home, the kitchen and the bathroom.  Small adjustments to cabinet heights, drawer size and choice of drawer pulls can limit the frustration of their daily tasks.   Easy maintenance, cleaner lines and appliance placement can give seniors the independence that they deserve. There are many fantastic and great looking options for grab bars in bathrooms. If you aren’t adding them now, at least add the needed blocking in the wall to give you the option down the road.

Take the time to consider the future and your family when you are considering building or remodeling. No longer do these options have to look unattractive. Email me at and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions regarding aging in place solutions.

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