Sunday, July 20, 2014

Guidelines for selecting a color palette for a kitchen

Selecting colors for your kitchen can be even more intimidating than your bathrooms because it’s a larger space and sometimes more open to the rest of the house.  It is a big decision and something you are investing time and money into and a space that you will see and use every day. You want to get it right…the first time. Many of the principles are the same as selecting colors for your bathrooms, but here’s a couple more tips to help you through the process.

1. Pick colors that you love!

2. Select your cabinets first. The majority of a kitchen space is consumed by cabinets, so start with that first. It’s much easier to adjust stains and paints on walls or floors to harmonize with the cabinets.

3. A simple way to think of this is warm versus cool colors. Warm oranges and reds make a space feel exciting and energetic-great for entertaining. The color red is said to be an appetite stimulant, which is why many fine dining establishments are painted shades of red.

4. Another great strategy for incorporating bold colors into your kitchen is to keep the expensive items — such as the countertops, cabinets and flooring — neutral in color and save the bold colors for things that are easy and affordable to change out, like wall paint, bar stools, curtains and countertop accessories.

5. Choose one element to inspire your color palette, but don’t buy that item until all other selections have been fully decided. For example, have you fallen in love with a tile for your backsplash? Use it as an inspiration but don’t purchase it until you know you have coordinating countertops, cabinets  and flooring. 

6. Do not underestimate lighting. Do you have adequate lighting? General lighting, decorative lighting and dedicated task lighting are so important.

7. For countertops, the safest approach is to keep it neutral and versatile. Upkeep and cleanliness is also a big component in a kitchen. Or your countertop may be the design element you want to work around.

8. Look at all of your selections together. Does everything flow? Does it look right? You will know when you see everything together.

9. Gather pictures of your favorite finished spaces. is an excellent resource for finding pictures of finished spaces that appeal to your taste. What color schemes did they employ? Can you pull details out of those finished spaces to work in yours?

10. Execute. Do your homework but then execute on your plan. Make the best decision and move forward. Then you can sit back and enjoy your new space.

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