Sunday, April 27, 2014

Eco Friendly Countertops

When discussing countertops, you should also know that there are some eco friendly options.  Today, we will explore some of the options so you have a general awareness of what is available.


IceStone is one of the most popular recycled countertops out there. Recycled glass countertops vary greatly in appearance. Cradle to Cradle certified, it provides an opaque, refined character with its fine glass particles set in pigmented cement. Because the material is porous, recommendations call for sealing twice a year, so make sure you're prepared for the maintenance. Cost: $60 to $100 per square foot for the material


Cosentino’s Eco line consists of 75 percent postindustrial or postconsumer materials, such as mirror, glass, porcelain, earthenware, and vitrified ash. Even 94% of the water used in its manufacturing process is re-used. These properties nabbed them a Cradle to Cradle Silver and Greenguard certification. Its nonporous surface needs no sealing. Cost: $60-120 per square foot for material


Concrete counters can be a terrific green choice if they are sourced locally or cast in place. Cost: $60 to $75 per square foot for the material


Recycled paper countertops such as Paperstone, is FSC certified and made of 100 percent postconsumer recycled paper, petroleum-free resin and pigment. Its feel is often compared to a warm, soft stone, like soapstone. The material is only heat resistant to 350 degrees, so you should exercise care with hot pans. Cost: $30-$50 per square foot for material


Squak Mountain Stone started as a grad school project on sustainable design. The hand-cast slabs are made of recycled paper and glass bound with low-carbon cement.

This is a heavy duty and durable countertop; however, like stone or concrete, it is susceptible to staining and etching, so either use extra care or embrace the patina. Cost: $30 to $40 per square foot for the material


Bio-Glass, another recycled glass countertop material with Cradle to Cradle certification, has a translucent appearance, as it's made of 100 percent glass. As with all glass-based counters, it's not knife friendly, so keep your cutting boards handy. Cost: $85 to $115 per square foot for the material


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