Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sub-Zero & Wolf Factory Tour

Last month I was privileged to be invited to visit the Sub-Zero and Wolf headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin to tour their factories and get a sneak peek at new products they are rolling out. Let me tell you-it was quite the experience and not one I will soon forget!


Day one began with an airplane ride directly into Madison. There were about 20 people from Atlanta and the southeast traveling together for this trip. Sub-Zero & Wolf dealers, architects, builders and designers. We had a great time learning about each other’s businesses and current projects. We checked into our hotel in downtown Madison. Madison is the capital of Wisconsin and a darling town it is. Our hotel had a view of the lake on one side and the capital building on the other. Simply beautiful! That evening we joined about 46 other dealers, architects, builders and designers from the northeast and Canada for dinner. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and wonderful conversation.


Day 2 started out with a bang! All 66 of us boarded a bus and traveled the short distance to the Westye Bakke Center, Sub-Zero & Wolf’s corporate headquarters, training center and spectacular showroom. Their chefs prepared an amazing breakfast for us which we enjoyed in their beautiful dining room. Next we moved into their auditorium and spent some time learning about the history and heritage of the Bakke Family and Sub-Zero and Wolf. As part of a family business, I really enjoy and appreciate all the Bakke family has done for and through their business. Then we donned our safety goggles and headsets and headed out to the Wolf factory floor. The facilities were immaculate and climate controlled. We watched as they assembled cooktops and ovens and ranges and tested every unit. Yes, I said every unit. EVERY Sub-Zero & Wolf appliance is tested before it leaves the factory. EVERY ONE. We also learned that it is not uncommon for entire families to work here because the culture and conditions are so great. That speaks volumes! That evening we wrapped up the day with the chef’s at Sub-Zero and Wolf preparing some pretty amazing appetizers and desserts in two of their large working viewing kitchens. I would like one of those in my house, please. The kitchen-and the chef!

Next time I will share with you about the last day and some of the amazing new products we got to see.

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