Sunday, September 18, 2011

7 Uses for Rubber Cabinet Bumpers

Cabinet Bumper- cab∙i∙net bump∙er – noun- typically a round rubber adhesive disk for use on wood, vinyl or metal cabinet doors to significantly reduce the noise of cabinet door closings and other uses. Can be purchased at any big box hardware store.


  1. Quiet Cabinets-Place bumpers on the corners of your cabinet doors and drawers to allow them to close a little softer instead of slamming.
  2. Square Pictures-prevent marks on your walls by placing a bumper on the four back corners of the frame. This will also keep it from sliding around and stay securely square on the wall.
  3. Vases-Avoid scratches on your table by putting a couple of bumpers on the bottom of a vase. It won’t slide around and no more scratches.
  4. Laptop- Place bumpers on the bottom corners of your laptop to prevent it from moving around on a desk or table.
  5. Cutting Board-To steady a cutting board while you are cutting it, place a bumper on all four corners.
  6. Stacking Glass-To keep pieces of glass from sticking together when in a pile or stored, place rubber bumpers between them.
  7. Angled Plates- Do you have a plate or frame standing upright in your china cabinet or on a shelf? Keep it from sliding down by placing 2 bumpers on the shelf to capture the plate or frame in that location.

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