Sunday, April 24, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

A question I am often asked is “Can you match my existing cabinets?” Maybe you have purchased new appliances and your cabinets need some modifications or maybe you want to add a little more storage by adding cabinets on top of your existing wall cabinets. Maybe you want to increase the size of your island or add cabinets to an unused wall. Whatever your situation, the answer is YES! It is usually possible to match your existing cabinets.


            With time, wood, stain and paint age and change color, This presents an opportunity when trying to make a change or add something to an existing cabinet. While it is not impossible to match a cabinet with age, it does require a special touch, time and patience. Have a professional look at it to tell you what is and is not possible. If is turns out not to be very economical to match your existing finish, consider incorporating an accent color on the new parts that are installed. It could be an accent stain or paint color.

So before you scrap the entire cabinet and start from scratch, reconsider, knowing that it could be possible to match what you already have.

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