Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lighting Shortcuts

Some of the most common questions that pop up when remodeling a kitchen or bathroom have to do with different facets of lighting. Today I thought I would share some tried and true standards and rules of thumb that hopefully will be helpful for you in your next project.


-Mount fixtures hanging over a table 30" above the table top.


-Place under cabinet lighting at the front of the cabinets-not against the wall- so the light is evenly distributed over the countertop.


-Hang pendants lights over an island 66"-72" off the floor


-Mount sconces either side of a bathroom mirror 60"-66" off the floor.


-Layer light-use a combination of ambient light( recessed cans), task light(under cabinet lights) and decorative light(pendants) to create a functional and inviting kitchen.


-Depending on the size, install one pendant for every 2-3' of counter space, most often using an odd number of pendant lights.


-Switch all of your under cabinet lights on one switch. It makes it easy to turn them on and adds a great ambiance at night.


-Consider a jamb switch on your pantry door. Then the light would come on automatically every time you opened your pantry door and you wouldn't be fumbling for a switch.


These are the most common lighting issues you may run across in a kitchen or bath remodel. Always have a trusted electrician, like Ed Smith and team of Blue Moon Electric. They can offer great insight and knowledge into what your space needs. Have an electrical question? Call Ed or email me at

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