Sunday, April 12, 2015

What's the cost of a kitchen remodel?

A large majority of our clients are people who are remodeling or "freshening up" their kitchen. One of their first questions is "How much is this going to cost?" They may have a number in their head or they may have no idea. Today we are going to dive into some of the factors that largely attribute to the cost of a kitchen remodel.

You may watch shows on HGTV, read blogs or follow celebrities that offer insight into this remodeling world. I have to say that many times these outlets leave out many important factors such as HVAC considerations, pull outs and interior organization of cabinets that many people utilize today to make their cabinets more useful, labor for the subcontractors and any design fees or overhead by the contractor. They lead us to believe that a kitchen remodel can happen in a weekend or even over dinner. For proper expectations, consult your local professional.

The biggest investment categories in a kitchen remodel are flooring, cabinetry, appliances and countertops. Let's explore each of these items in detail.

Starting from the floor up, flooring is often a large cost in any kitchen remodel. Whether you are refinishing your existing hardwoods or install new wood flooring or tile, there are several things that can drive this cost up. Is rot found in the subfloor? Is there a distinct stopping point for refinishing your hardwoods or are you going to have to continue into some adjoining spaces? Are you pulling up old tile? There may be additional work you need to do to the subfloor to prep for the new flooring. The next factor in flooring is what kind of flooring will you use? Solid hardwoods finished on site, pre-finished engineered hardwoods, natural stone or porcelain tile. Each of these come in varying price points.

Theres a lot involved in a kitchen remodel and we have just scratched the surface today. Next time we will dive into the other factors that contribute to the cost of a kitchen remodel. Have any questions or areas you want to learn about? Email me at

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